October 3rd, 2007

Tyris Flare from Sega’s Golden Axe
Tyris Flare sprite to sketch
I did these Tyris sketches a few weeks ago. The reason that she’s not a fully picture now can be seen in the last sketch. I’m not sure how the sword would look in the same angle as the sprite’s pose. Having it in front of her shows a bit more depth but may cross over some detail that needs to be seen in the final shot. Insane thinking like that is probably why I’ve become an artistic slowpoke. Unlike the sketch, any finished version will have Tyris’ amazing birthin’ hips.

Wendy Milan from Jaleco’s Brawl Brothers (a.k.a. Rushing Beat Ran)
Wendy Milan
In the first sketch I made the mistake of trying to jazz it up without Zatarains on hand. TOO GIRLY. I wanted to make Wendy cute as a balance to all the sultry womenladies I’ve drawn lately. I thought about how the more butt-kicking Japanese female wrestlers pose (after all, the game comes from Japan) and put the full strength back in the pose. Fingers crossed (and not broken by my real job) I’ll have good ol’ Wendy fully drawn by the weekend.

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