Ahem. The Nutroll: The Illness teaser page is done and uploaded to the site. Finally. By finished, I mean that my shambling, bloodstained shell of flesh limped to the finish line with this thing because nearly everything on this damned planet was trying to keep me from doing this. The sketchbook with layouts for pages […]

Random news things that I’ve run across: The Black Church and the Hollowing Out of Black Politics by BAR Managing Editor Bruce Dixon A good article, even if it’s disturbing and sad. It’s sad to see that some of Black pastors and politicians are using the same crooked, divisive moves that were used against those […]

I would like to give thanks for the following: For my family and my friends for still betting on the most worthless horse on the track! For the relief from the artistic constipation I caught back in 2002. With any luck, I’ll catch some creative diarrhea in time for 2008. For those who fought for […]

It was a tough choice between the Rey Mysterio – the Biggest Little Man set and the entire Filmation series of Aquaman, but Rey won out in this case. The Cruiserweight division was one the main reasons I watched WCW Monday Nitro and Rey Mysterio Jr. always pulled off some insane move that blew my […]

While working on the ScrollBoss update, I’ll jot some commentary down on the draft. Not that you care, but it’ll be fun for me. I’ll have to post some of it after it’s done since I got to work at 9:30. 8:18 – I’m digging the borderline mental patient verson of Vincent McMahon. Weird to […]

Heh, I was trying to get that last challenge unlocked to get this ring while having the difficulty set to Easy when it has to be on Normal. D’oh! Now I can wrestle in what looks like the Hammerstein Ballroom on steroids. Except for the need to tweak a lot of characters move sets, I’m […]

I’m still working my way through unlocking items in Raw vs. Smackdown 2006, which was bought at around $10 once RvS2007 hit the streets. No, it’s not the shiny, new game, but it still has a lot of my favorite wrestlers who aren’t in WWE anymore. Eddy Guerrero (R.I.P.) is still among the living here […]

The Playahata Awards 2006 edition brings the acclaim and shame like Huey and Caesar did back in the Boondocks comic strip. It gives love where it’s due and hits below the belt when it’s more than deserved. Between Playahata.com and Davey D’s sites, my faith in Hip-Hop survives. To tell the truth, I want that […]