In the early days of this blog was a Funky Friday, a day where I’d post links to music videos that’d either have a theme or not have a theme. Then I called it ‘Make the Music with your Blog” because I found someone else was using Funky Friday. But back in the first post […]

Seeing as how I’m sure this won’t be the last time, I’m calling this theme, “Too busy for a theme pt.1” I’m just going to link to a few videos related to what I’m thinking of right now. Lazy? Yep. I’m working on a story, so this is merely a shifting of the lazy. Whodini […]

I was going to do a completely different theme for this week’s music post, but I thought it’d be better if I waited until using that one for now. I have a week-long theme planned that’s related to the subject, so I figure I’d save it until then. Eh, I’m busy anyway. The apt. floor’s […]

I could keep bashing my brains against the inside of my skull trying to come up with a replacement name for “Funky Friday” or I could just play around with names until I run into something that I like. For this week, it’s “Make the Music with your Mouth” day. Of course, it’s named after […]

Funky Friday is my continuing effort to start the weekend on “the good foot” for myself and anyone else bored enough to read this blog. Even though 75% of the vids from the last go-round being pulled less than one week after making the post, I’m going to take another stab at this. Souls of […]

I did a Dreamhost Clicky McUpgradey with the WordPress blog, so it was looking a bit FUBARed for a bit. All seems to be as well as expected on a blog named Beans vs. Cornbread. If you can see this, it worked and my mention of this was pointless. If it didn’t work, then you […]

Funky Friday will be a once-in-a-while thing that I’ll do (if I have the time that week) to post links YouTube videos. No, I’m not going to embed them, because that can lock up some folks browsers. Each Funky Friday will have a theme or a music style that links them together. This week, it’s […]