November 12th, 2009

Last Friday was the fifth anniversary of my Illmosis art site. When I made the move from Tripod to Dreamhost, I wanted to name the site something other than the “Prime Op” I’d been using for it out of laziness. I was going to call it Prime Central Station and used that name for the message board before I actually moved. Then I decided not to use that because I thought people were going to get it confused with some other site name that I can’t even remember now. So I started going through all the goofy, random names I had in my head that I kept for situations like this. One of those words was “Illmost” which came from liking DMC’s line “I’m known to the world as Chilly Most” and just from me being ill. That mutated to Illmosis, the one damn word out of dozens that no one had smooshed together and used yet. I still have the version of the old Illmost logo before I changed it to Illmosis. I’d show it but even I don’t give enough of a crap to dig it up and post it. Illmosis started looking just like the old Prime Op site with a few modifications here and there but the third anniversary update brought in the current look with the techno-random background and chunky block logo.

I was too wiped out from the Halloween ScrollBoss updateto start working on something big for the 5th Anniversary so I decided to dedicate the whole month to working on the site itself and to my own characters. The character profiles will go through small upgrades during the month and I’ll be adding more of my characters to it. I just finished programming the new profile gallery feature that will have artwork and sketches that aren’t in the main art galleries. There will be a lot of really old stuff on there that shows what these characters evolved from. This link has a preview of a page with the old filecards I made for my characters from about 1990 to 1992. My artwork was pure eye-horror back then but I still like to look them since this was a bit after my art teacher, the great Mr. Emil Perunko, got me into coloring my artwork. Don’t worry, there will be new and newly colored artwork, too. Before the month is over, I’ll finally be able to show you the rest of this:

OHMYGHOD! 3-D! /joeystyles

Yeah, it’s going to be another busy month.

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