Ahem. The Nutroll: The Illness teaser page is done and uploaded to the site. Finally. By finished, I mean that my shambling, bloodstained shell of flesh limped to the finish line with this thing because nearly everything on this damned planet was trying to keep me from doing this. The sketchbook with layouts for pages […]

It’s done. That “Nutroll: the Illness” teaser page I’ve been yakking about for-damn-near-ever is finally done. The weather reports have been filled with computer-frying thunderstorms for most of this week, so I’m glad that the necessary stuff is done now before Raiden or Thor bring the wrath. It’ll be uploaded to Illmosis on Sunday and […]

I’ve only posted this Harley Quinn picture in a few places, but the response has been surprisingly positive. I’d like to thank everyone who had a kind word to say about this one. The funny thing is that I drew this just to have something new on the site for the week. You can see […]

Random, butt-kicking real life developments have slowed my posting to a slow crawl. Instead of my usual “BAW! Things are crazay right now!” routine, I’ll keep it simple: things ARE crazy. How crazy? Yes. It’s like that and please believe it. As always, I apologize for not making my usual rounds to bring you my […]

All of those work hours and steak knives may have kept me from debuting the new Illness pages today, but that didn’t stop me from finishing the early version of Illmosis’ new comic page script with Nutroll: Nutroll Comic Page See that creepy looking picture that’s the cover for Nutroll: The Illness? That’s temporary artwork […]