Damn, I’m tired. Ever since I got the NewOld Computer, a lot of my free time has gone towards trying to get it up to code or trying to cook up content for ScrollBoss’ 8th Anniversary update. Most of the work was behind-the-scenes stuff that nobody sees and couldn’t give two poots about. That’s why […]

… and some firecrackers: Okay, it’s the song Firecracker (with the Computer Games Intro) by Yellow Magic Orchestra. Much respect to Omanchin100 for uploading that video. So let’s end this post on a bright note. Harsh, but so was he. Happy Fourth of July, everybody!

That USB Hard Drive enclosure that I ordered last week still isn’t here so I can’t finish some of the ScrollBoss’ 8th Anniversary projects. Instead of whining about it, I’ve burnt that anger by working on the long-overdue vector ScrollBoss letter set. Since I couldn’t find the backup CD with the old vector logo on […]