To hell with long explanations. Here’s the 1040EZ why no one on the internet has heard much from me lately: Work: Started working a third cleaning account two weeks ago but I’ll be back down to two next week unless more sudden news pops up. Hands: Right hand still has a clickly middle finger and […]

To celebrate the return of Spring, here’s my favorite song about the season:

I’m currently having fun with some of the following symptoms: a pain like Sonny Chiba punched me in the throat hard enough to make my neck explode in slow motion. my head being inflated by the guy from Dig Dug but not enough to explode because he had to turn around and pump up a […]

So I was gathering the layout sketches for “Nutroll: the Illness” only to find out that I only have about 50% of what I was looking for. Of course, that 50% turns out to be the GOOD version of the beginning pages. I thought I had it set out with the other group of layouts […]

So now I’m working a few more hours a week at the real-life cleaning job. It’ll be good to be making more money but bad for two reasons. The first reason is easy to explain. More time at work means that I have less time to work on other things. I have NO idea if […]

Check out what was waiting for me in the mailbox today. That’s right, it’s the book Memoirs of a Virtual Caveman by Rob ‘Dire51’ Strangman! It’s also the the first book cover that I’ve ever had a chance to draw, color and even letter. The cover looks a bit scrunched even though I thought I […]

So this Friday night I channel-surfed smack dab into AMC’s Fear Friday. I decided to watch the flick because it had the late, great Calvin Lockhart, the original Biggie Smalls from Let’s Do It Again and the cool elder Rasta in Predator 2. This flick turns out to be The Beast Must Die which also […]