I’m finally getting around to learning CSS. I’d put it off before because I kept reading that some browsers don’t use it. Unfortunately, I didn’t notice that all of those articles were old and that just about every browser worth a damn works with CSS. I’m experimenting with it on ScrollBoss first since it only […]

The Batman/Superman/Justice League DC Animated Universe is one of my favorite storylines ever, period, at all, fo’rilla. I love many of the designs and depictions there (the Question, Mr. Freeze, Toyman, the Question, The Joker, and more including the Question) even better than the real DC Comics. What I still haven’t found room enough in […]

(note: this was a review that I wrote a bit after the Shaw Bros./Dragon Dynasty DVDs hit and I’m too damned lazy to go in a change anything) So I got the Dragon Dynasty release of One-Armed Swordsman by the Shaw Brothers Studios a little while ago and said I’d ramble about it later. I’ll […]

Mike Wieringo: June 24, 1963 – August 12, 2007 Whenever I talk about what kept me from completely giving up on comic books in the 1990’s, I bring up Peter David’s run on the Incredible Hulk and Mark Waid’s run on the Flash. A big part of that Flash era was Mike Wieringo’s artwork. Those […]

The 25th Anniversary G.I.JOE figures have started hitting this area and I’ve been buying what I can. At this point, I have the Cobra set and the single pack versions of Snake-Eyes (pictured to the side), Storm Shadow, Cobra Commander (with the rag mask) and 2 Cobra Officers. It’s kinda weird that they put the […]

So. I’m Black. I’m a gamer. You’d think that I’d have commented on “that Resident Evil 5 controversy” by now. Well, I didn’t actually see it until Thursday because I’ve been too busy working on random stuff. And now that I’ve seen the trailer and read various blogs talking about it, I’m reminded of one […]

There are message board topics and subjects that come up all the time and one that I keep running into is the coloring method of old comics. I used to have this really good link that went deep into the subject and mentioned how the Hulk and Iron Man dropped their gray colors due to […]

From the 1-UP Interview with Capcom’s Keiji Inafune 1UP: But is there any chance of an actual Shadow sequel? KI: Maybe if we made something like the 300 movie. I’m just joking around, but that’s what we were thinking, some over-the-top violence. 1UP: So, basically Shadow of Rome minus the stealth elements. KI: Yeah, hypothetically-speaking […]