The new computer still locks up from time to time now, but the scanner finally works. No, not the mindblowing Michael Ironside kind of Scanner but the one that I can put artwork in and magically make it appear inside my computertron thingy. So now it’s just the freezes and sound that need fixing. The […]

Before reading this, please remember that all items have been sorted according to cranial capacity, shoelace length and use of rotoscoped stock footage. 1.) In the “I’ll probably have a better time remembering this if I slap it in a blog post” department, I need to get an issue of Cereal:Geek, a magazine that’s all […]

It’s a bit creepy how much some of the press releases from Cartoon Network sound more like solicitations in Previews. Lets take a look thanks to Ben-10: Hero Generation This new series will focus on a slightly older Ben and Gwen as they team up and mentor a group of children who have similar […]

January 31st, 2007 will forever be the known as the day that the Mooninites tried to take away our beautiful, wonderful freedoms. Boston devices a cartoon marketing ploy FNC dedicates an entire hour to it On Slashdot Then, the authorities kick it up a notch: Arrest Made In Boston’s Hoax Device Incident I hope whoever […]