July 20th, 2008

Damn, I’m tired. Ever since I got the NewOld Computer, a lot of my free time has gone towards trying to get it up to code or trying to cook up content for ScrollBoss’ 8th Anniversary update. Most of the work was behind-the-scenes stuff that nobody sees and couldn’t give two poots about. That’s why I’m going to tell you about them right now. Just kiddin’. Instead, here’s my Top Five List of things that I wish that I didn’t have to do for the update:

5.) Update at least 70 PHP pages with new side menu INCLUDES knowing damn well I’ll have to go back and do the same for the headers that I didn’t have time to redesign thanks to item number 4.
4.) Have to wait until I could access the old Hard Drive’s version of ScrollBoss that had a lot of non-uploaded things. I still don’t have a lot of programs working yet including Beats of Rage.
3.) Make an entire font in vector only to accidentally delete it when sorting data between the two drives. Yes, I’m talking about the font in this earlier post. Luckily, the new version that I started looks a bit better as the letter A I used for the banner of the Game Index page easily beats the first one I did.
2.) Spend a ridiculous amount of time working on graphics that didn’t have to used:

1.) Continue to not show over 20 sprite edits that are far better than the latest ones I added to the site. By now, I know that showing them before they debut in the projects I made them for will mean that someone will shoehorn them into their own fan game in the most fuctarded way imaginable. I don’t need to see Blue Be, er, any secret sprites showing up in another hentai M.U.G.E.N. bonus stage.

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