I would like to give thanks for the following: For my family and my friends for still betting on the most worthless horse on the track! For the relief from the artistic constipation I caught back in 2002. With any luck, I’ll catch some creative diarrhea in time for 2008. For those who fought for […]

I’m waiting for RapidShare to give me more minutes so I can download something and I’m too tired to draw or work on sprites. So I’ll tell you about more technofail. 1.) Right now, our cable system is freaking the hell out. Channels keep flipping between states of silent frozen images, frozen images with audio […]

First it was the inkless printer. About 2 weeks ago I decided to roll El Cheapo style and try a ink refill kit for $15. After using the mini-hand drill included with the kit to hand carve a hole into the top of the ink cart, I find out that now the paper now has […]

It was a tough choice between the Rey Mysterio – the Biggest Little Man set and the entire Filmation series of Aquaman, but Rey won out in this case. The Cruiserweight division was one the main reasons I watched WCW Monday Nitro and Rey Mysterio Jr. always pulled off some insane move that blew my […]

**wipes brow** To celebrate 3 years of my art site, Illmosis, I’ve spent a loooooooong time rewriting the site, finally integrating Cascading Style Sheets, prettying up the layouts, making it more flexible, etc. I’ve been uploading bits and pieces since Sunday but the final stuff was added today. I am not exaggerating when I say […]

Happy Halloween…yesterday…