… Pete Rock this one’s for the crew I mean, I finally have a new template for this blog. I have it because I made it with a ton of help from this tutorial. There was a preview of it in the last Illmosis update but it is now in full effect. I was going […]

So now I’m working a few more hours a week at the real-life cleaning job. It’ll be good to be making more money but bad for two reasons. The first reason is easy to explain. More time at work means that I have less time to work on other things. I have NO idea if […]

The 1st anniversary of this here joint passed by on January 12 but I was too busy to even notice it. Even now I can’t really put together a celebratory post because… eh, I’ll talk about that later. Anyway, Happy Birthday, Beans vs. Cornbread! With any luck, year two will be made of less fail […]

Here’s a quick post of random things I’m up to at the moment: 1.) ‘That thing’ that I was working on but only mentioning in a vague manner like Peter Potamus is now done. Click the pic over there to get all the info and I’ll have a post all about this later on in […]

And lo, I have returned from the lands of Notpostington to bring you (As if anyone’s reading this) this 100th post with a new, slightly-modded Default WordPress theme. Most blogs would celebrate their 100th post, but that won’t happen here. Why? Because what have I accomplished with this blog? Other than talking about the regional […]

I did a Dreamhost Clicky McUpgradey with the WordPress blog, so it was looking a bit FUBARed for a bit. All seems to be as well as expected on a blog named Beans vs. Cornbread. If you can see this, it worked and my mention of this was pointless. If it didn’t work, then you […]

I’ve decided to restart this blog with the purpose of making it less boring. The first try bored me as I was doing it and I’m sure that it bored anyone that read it. More than anything, I’m going to write this in “my voice” without regard for how crazy it sounds. The mission of […]