September 29th, 2009

Because everything in the Illmosis update was related to the ScrollBoss update I was cooking up, I updated ScrollBoss on Sunday so everything could hit at once.


The biggest thing for me was finally making a Twofold sprite that didn’t look like complete crap. That’s not a sprite made from a pre-existing sprite but was made from scratch. Instead of just posting it to Illmosis, I added Twofold to the Vs. Maker generator. I just added a few other things like new logos for the other characters you see in the screenshot. Yes, Balrog’s logo is supposed to look a bit familiar.

Final Fight: Poison vs. Billy

Final Fight: Poison vs. Billy

There’s a new ScrollBoss:Minus World section article on how some female characters were replaced with males in some 16-bit video games. The article is called Sidbillies for reasons that get explained early on. For the record, I didn’t even notice the “wardrobe detail” in the last character mentioned until I looking at the screenshots I took for the article. Everything right before that “ellipses” crap I pulled was what I originally had before I saw… well, you’ll see it. It was also pure luck that it turned out to be all about a ninja character.

I also put up a preview of the new Vs. Mode that I’m still working on. I used the old characters (but mostly new sprite edits) of characters from the “2002 Superninjas” tournament. It was an old series of polls in which the choice with the lowest vote got removed. The version that I plan to have ready in 2010 will be like no other poll you’ve wasted your time on just because you didn’t vote for Link, Squall or Master Chief.

And that’s what I’ve been up to. Sorry for all these posts about my sites but I’m not doing much of anything else right now Sad, isn’t it?

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