Hurry kids! It’s almost time!

Hit a thrift store with my friends last weekend. In the stacks of wax filled with lots of polka (remember: I’m in Ohio), soundtracks to 1960’s movies, Herb Alpert albums (temping) and Sesame Street records (also tempting), I found something that I never thought that I’d find in a million years: Roxanne Shante’s first single? […]

I just got done with the photos that my friends took at Screaming TikiCon and sent me and I’m ready to do a proper convention post now. Unless noted, these photos were taken by a friend of mine who prefers to stay mysterious. We saw the Batcopter on the way to the Expo Center. I […]

Screaming TikiCon was officially a blast. I’ll have posts with more stuff later. This con wasn’t about buying cool stuff as much as it was about meeting cool people and I did that. Having said that, here’s most of what I got: Lethal Showdown sketchbook vol 1 autographed and sketched in by the man known […]

The Screaming Tikicon happens in my neck of the woods so I’ll be there Saturday along with some good friends. If you see a guy that looks like this… …that’s me. Yeah. Self-photo taken in the medicine cabinet mirror. I’ll have my “Folder of Scribblings” with me that has copies of color art seen on […]

The Most Beautifullest Things In This World pt. 1: The beatings will now begin. Those who visited the now-defunct Bad(ass) Movies channel on Mogulus may have seen something that is close to the hearts of many 30-something Kung-Fu flick junkies. That’d be this: That is the intro to Kung-Fu Theater. When I was a young’un […]

These were going to be in the blog header but I didn’t like how it looked when everything was put together. Nothing spectacular here but it makes me wonder how much effort most colorists put into rendering beans.

… Pete Rock this one’s for the crew I mean, I finally have a new template for this blog. I have it because I made it with a ton of help from this tutorial. There was a preview of it in the last Illmosis update but it is now in full effect. I was going […]