So the big 7th Anniversary ScrollBoss bash is over. That chunky, green-and-black action-adventure game site was 7 years old last Thursday and I celebrated with daily updates from then ’til today. Damn, I’m tired. While nothing anniversary-specific was done, I pretty much just did what I usually do, but more of it. Added a ton […]

(What I was thinking while working on ScrollBoss stuff Sunday night) I’m getting more stuff done for this 7th Anniversary thing than I thought. Maybe I can do something good after all. Hopefully I won’t have to put up with… … an entire week of potentially computer-frying weather. Dammit.

from Honestly, up to this point, Smash Bros. Brawl hasn’t done much for me. Especially the pedestrian daily updates. As of today, though? OK, Nintendo, you got me. There’s an Animal Crossing stage in the game, and if you play a match at 8pm on a Saturday…yeah, you know how it goes down. Smashville […]

The 7th anniversary of my video game fan site, ScrollBoss, is next week. I’ve been trying to get quick things to put together for a big update. I’d noticed that Google-searching ScrollBoss now only gets about 9 entries. I checked the “similar results” thing and felt better that a lot of the old things that’d […]

I keep forgettin’ we’re not in love anymore to post about this crazy deal on Right now, you can get that big Arkham Asylum set at 50% off for $40 bones! Arkham Asylum on I just ordered mine, so I can’t tell you how cool it is yet. What I do know is […]

In the early days of this blog was a Funky Friday, a day where I’d post links to music videos that’d either have a theme or not have a theme. Then I called it ‘Make the Music with your Blog” because I found someone else was using Funky Friday. But back in the first post […]

… because you can beat someone over the head with them until they foam at the mouth. Or you can cook with them. I think all four can be sold for scrap, but don’t quote me on that. I apologize to all those who expected something deep to follow that post title, but you should […]

My BrickLink order from Sk8rs Bricks came in today much earlier than I thought. That envelope was filled with pieces I needed to get that Lego building backdrop up to a presentable state. The whole point of building it was to be a backdrop for minifigures but schemes of how to improve it became more […]