The Brothers Brick posted a link to a New York Times news story that talks about how Lego got itself back into shape after nearly collapsing in the middle of this decade. There are some interesting bits in there but the main gist is that the licensed Lego themes and games helped to save the […]

Ladies and gentlemen, I present a piece of G.I.JOE fan artwork that I’ve wanted to do for a long time. Allow me to introduce you to the man, the myth, the legend: Big Lob. Most of you won’t know who this is so let me tell you about him. He debuts in G.I.JOE the Movie […]

The Lego Minifigure, one of my favorite things to ever exist on this planet, turned 30 years old today. I owe the minifigure a lot. When I figured out how to pop off the minifig parts and put them back together in custom ways, I’d recreate my favorite characters. At that time, the very early […]

Figured I’d post something I drew since I barely seem to do that here anymore. It’s Linda, a very, very bad woman from the old arcade game, Double Dragon. I drew a picture of her in practically in the same pose a few years back but that didn’t turn out so well. Too cartoony. This […]

Once again I take advantage of the fact that our K-Mart seems to have only old stock of some things when I luck up and score the 3-pack with Lex Luthor, Copperhead and Mirror Master. I already had the single pack versions of Lex (the lime-green flavor) and Copperhead but this pack gives me the […]

I would like to give thanks for the following: For my family and my friends for still betting on the most worthless horse on the track! For the relief from the artistic constipation I caught back in 2002. With any luck, I’ll catch some creative diarrhea in time for 2008. For those who fought for […]

The Batman/Superman/Justice League DC Animated Universe is one of my favorite storylines ever, period, at all, fo’rilla. I love many of the designs and depictions there (the Question, Mr. Freeze, Toyman, the Question, The Joker, and more including the Question) even better than the real DC Comics. What I still haven’t found room enough in […]

The 25th Anniversary G.I.JOE figures have started hitting this area and I’ve been buying what I can. At this point, I have the Cobra set and the single pack versions of Snake-Eyes (pictured to the side), Storm Shadow, Cobra Commander (with the rag mask) and 2 Cobra Officers. It’s kinda weird that they put the […]

From the 1-UP Interview with Capcom’s Keiji Inafune 1UP: But is there any chance of an actual Shadow sequel? KI: Maybe if we made something like the 300 movie. I’m just joking around, but that’s what we were thinking, some over-the-top violence. 1UP: So, basically Shadow of Rome minus the stealth elements. KI: Yeah, hypothetically-speaking […]

I keep forgettin’ we’re not in love anymore to post about this crazy deal on Right now, you can get that big Arkham Asylum set at 50% off for $40 bones! Arkham Asylum on I just ordered mine, so I can’t tell you how cool it is yet. What I do know is […]