I posted a rant a few months ago about how a lot of lyric sites don’t seem to give a crap. It was inspired by trying to figure out a name from James Brown’s Santa Claus, Go Straight To The Ghetto. So there’s a part near the end of the song that I couldn’t figure […]

Figured I’d post something I drew since I barely seem to do that here anymore. It’s Linda, a very, very bad woman from the old arcade game, Double Dragon. I drew a picture of her in practically in the same pose a few years back but that didn’t turn out so well. Too cartoony. This […]

This is one of those posts that I just point out something that I don’t feel like typing over and over again. You’ll see why once you read point number 2. My original computer stopped working in late May. I’m currently using a used computer that a friend hooked me up with. There are a […]

From this day forward, I will call my current computer the New-Old computer. It’s old, but it’s new to me. Damn you for sticking that in my head, NBC. That and replacing all cartoons with ‘Saved by the Bell’ rip-offs back in the 90’s, but that’s another post. A really good friend hooked me up […]

It was my 35th birthday two days ago. I’m not a big fan of my birthday but not for the usual crying about getting a year older. Long story short, messed-up things have happened either days before or right on my birthday. Not just to me or people that I know, but people that I’ve […]

The new computer still locks up from time to time now, but the scanner finally works. No, not the mindblowing Michael Ironside kind of Scanner but the one that I can put artwork in and magically make it appear inside my computertron thingy. So now it’s just the freezes and sound that need fixing. The […]

A few weeks ago, my old HP computer started freaking out and wouldn’t even make it to Safe Mode. I kept trying to fix it in DOS but it eventually stopped working at all. Someone hooked me up with another computer so I’m back on the internet. This machine blows my old one away but […]