The Lego Minifigure, one of my favorite things to ever exist on this planet, turned 30 years old today. I owe the minifigure a lot. When I figured out how to pop off the minifig parts and put them back together in custom ways, I’d recreate my favorite characters. At that time, the very early […]

I got the DC Super Heroes: the Filmation Adventures DVD set on August 15th of the year 2008. I haven’t seen some of these cartoons since I was a little young’un in the mid 1970’s. These cartoons are fun from pillar to post and I was surprised by a few things in the set. For […]

Bully and John’s blog, Comics Oughta Be Fun, is usually filled with laughs, win and (naturally) fun. Unfortunately, there’s some serious business going on and this needs to be passed along. (from this post) Overheard at San Diego Comic-Con while I was having lunch on the balcony of the Convention Center on Sunday July 27: […]

Another reason why August 2008 sucks can be found in the link below: The Herald, Sharon, Pa. – Fire destroys Splitstone Entertainment Splitstone was one of those places that would make you exhaust your monthly allowance of saying “Hot damn, I can’t believe they have that!” Why? The last time my friends and I took […]

By now, you’ve probably heard the bad news from the entertainment world. First, the world lost the hilarious and hard-working Bernie Mac. I’ve been a fan of his since I first saw him on Def Comedy Jam and it’s always a treat to see him pop up in a movie. His self-hating cop is probably […]

I may have a proper post later in the week, but I just want to kick out a quick note to those who check this thing to know what I’m working on at the moment. Now that I’m past whatever weird sinus troubles I had for about a week, I’m getting enough sleep to have […]