I was just looking for a straight-up video of the song but somebody on the YouTubes followed the obvious idea with a good video:

So on this day that celebrates the struggles of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, I can’t help but to think about something my mother said to me last year after the demonstrations to get the Jena Six a fair trial caused more threats. When my mother was growing up, Black folks couldn’t sit in the […]

January 31st, 2007 will forever be the known as the day that the Mooninites tried to take away our beautiful, wonderful freedoms. Boston devices a cartoon marketing ploy FNC dedicates an entire hour to it On Slashdot Then, the authorities kick it up a notch: Arrest Made In Boston’s Hoax Device Incident I hope whoever […]

The Playahata Awards 2006 edition brings the acclaim and shame like Huey and Caesar did back in the Boondocks comic strip. It gives love where it’s due and hits below the belt when it’s more than deserved. Between Playahata.com and Davey D’s sites, my faith in Hip-Hop survives. To tell the truth, I want that […]