Fail. Browser freeze. Computer freeze. Fail. Hotlinkers. Too many things embedded at once for no damned reason at all. Fail. Crap. Fail. Fail. and fail. … so if I’ve never added you back, it’s because I check out someone’s profile that freezes my computer and I’m too angry to even go back to the site. […]

In In the last unexciting episode of Truetorial with the spunky Wendy Milan being fully inked. I scanned the pic in pure Black and White mode at 600 dpi. How big is that? 2492 by 6263 pixels. To look at that at full size, it’s probably twice as wide and six times as tall as […]

While most people are blaming recording artists for the wall-to-wall foulness in current mainstream Hip-Hop and R&B, people who listen to more than just profit-seeking pundits know what the real deal is. The record labels and media outlets have the most control. You’d think that’d be obvious, but pundits look cooler if they take it […]

For some odd reason, a half-dozen people like my artwork of video game characters. Sometimes. I’ve decided to post one of my fan art methods because this blog needs more visual content. Instead of putting it in a tutorial that explains how you should do it, I’ll make a truetorial that shows how everything usually […]

What this haul lacks in quantity is made up for in quality. Groo 25th Anniversary special: I never had a chance to read much Groo since most of my early comics came from the local Lawson’s convenience stores. But there has never been a Groo story that failed to make me laugh and this special […]

Tyris Flare from Sega’s Golden Axe I did these Tyris sketches a few weeks ago. The reason that she’s not a fully picture now can be seen in the last sketch. I’m not sure how the sword would look in the same angle as the sprite’s pose. Having it in front of her shows a […]

And lo, I have returned from the lands of Notpostington to bring you (As if anyone’s reading this) this 100th post with a new, slightly-modded Default WordPress theme. Most blogs would celebrate their 100th post, but that won’t happen here. Why? Because what have I accomplished with this blog? Other than talking about the regional […]