The lastest piece of fan art that I finished was of Capcom’s Mike Haggar. For video game players ‘sometime in the 1980’s’, Mike Haggar was the best mayor ever. He was introduced to us in 1989 in Capcom’s game Final Fight, a game that was originally planned as Street Fighter ’89. Mike Haggar’s bio states […]

Newsarama posted a Previews solicit for an upcoming Spider-Man story: “HEADED FOR THE CHOPPING BLOCK? “Black Cat, Mary Jane, and Aunt May? “Is it one of these ladies that take a dirt nap in the upcoming storyline ‘One More Day’? You heard it here, folks. A re-assuring voice and shoulder-to-lean-on is going to be taken […]

First of all, I just finished watching a movie that I’ve wanted to see for about 15 years now. From Shaw Studios comes the One-Armed Swordsman starring Jimmy Wang Yu and directed by legendary Chang Cheh. I’ll devote a whole post to this movie at one point, but I just want to say that everyone […]

She’s not done yet, but here’s a pic of Samus in her Metroid (NES) armor: I know, I know… I need a better camera. You can’t even see that the torso decal has the segment lines in orange. I’ll have to make them darker when I finish the rest of the sticker/decal set for the […]

My father, may he rest in peace, was one of the coolest cats to ever walk the planet. I’m not stating this as opinion but as stone cold fact. He could play guitar, keyboard, sing and write songs like nobody’s business. During one of the African-American festivals held downtown back in the mid-90’s, the band […]

This week’s haul is A LOT bigger than normal because a lot of it was bought a week earlier but arrived this week. It also made up for last week since I spent the weekend in the house trying to recover from a week of dramatic jackassery. Since I was too lazy to take any […]

For the sake of argument, let’s say that I was a normal person. If that were the case, I’d have made a post two days ago back when it was my birthday. My birthday has a weird history of bad luck around it, so I decided to hold off until I was free and clear […]

While working on the ScrollBoss update, I’ll jot some commentary down on the draft. Not that you care, but it’ll be fun for me. I’ll have to post some of it after it’s done since I got to work at 9:30. 8:18 – I’m digging the borderline mental patient verson of Vincent McMahon. Weird to […]

Before reading this, please remember that all items have been sorted according to cranial capacity, shoelace length and use of rotoscoped stock footage. 1.) In the “I’ll probably have a better time remembering this if I slap it in a blog post” department, I need to get an issue of Cereal:Geek, a magazine that’s all […]

So the artwork that I was struggling with as I worked on that early morning post was good enough to be posted on the site today. It’s of the infamous classic video game character Karnov. Not only did he switch between being a hero and villain before it was cool, but he pops up in […]