I’m horrible at remembering birthdays, but there are 3 that I never forget: my mother’s, my sister Elizabeth’s, and my grandmother Marva’s. Sadly, she passed away in late 2002. Instead of being sorrowful and depressed that she’s no longer here, I’m going to post YouTube links to three of the songs that she enjoyed. I’ve […]

Whether you’re an average jill, a common joe, gift procrastinator extraordinaire, 5-star holiday cookiesmith, Cindy Lou Who, Wong Who, a snot-nosed punk what don’t deserve nothin’ due to being a snot-nosed punk all year, or a fictional character who is pouting for being drawn in a goofy Santa costume, may all you party people have […]

Wait, isn’t that a title in it’s own way? Isn’t it? No? Whatever, man. Here’s what I’ve been doing since my last post. 1.) I’m working on a book cover for a friend of mine. Part of my Christmas vacation unpaid days off will go towards working on this because it’s such a fun picture. […]

Once again I take advantage of the fact that our K-Mart seems to have only old stock of some things when I luck up and score the 3-pack with Lex Luthor, Copperhead and Mirror Master. I already had the single pack versions of Lex (the lime-green flavor) and Copperhead but this pack gives me the […]