From this day forward, I will call my current computer the New-Old computer. It’s old, but it’s new to me. Damn you for sticking that in my head, NBC. That and replacing all cartoons with ‘Saved by the Bell’ rip-offs back in the 90’s, but that’s another post. A really good friend hooked me up […]

I spent my Saturday working on random stuff and coughing up phlegm. I hope that means that my sinus problems are on the way out. I finally got some decent sleep and this is the first time in over a week that I feel fully awake. On the plus side, I had Pizza and Root […]

I would like to give thanks for the following: For my family and my friends for still betting on the most worthless horse on the track! For the relief from the artistic constipation I caught back in 2002. With any luck, I’ll catch some creative diarrhea in time for 2008. For those who fought for […]

Fail. Browser freeze. Computer freeze. Fail. Hotlinkers. Too many things embedded at once for no damned reason at all. Fail. Crap. Fail. Fail. and fail. … so if I’ve never added you back, it’s because I check out someone’s profile that freezes my computer and I’m too angry to even go back to the site. […]

In this first official random brain dump post, all entries have been sorted according to their riboflavin conent, polygon count and Pokédex Number. 1.) Sucker-Free Sunday: Doing a promo with a guy that’s yelling “We ARE Hip-Hop!” at the top of his lungs in a thuggish voice while video clips of blinging grills, rumpshakers and […]