Once again I take advantage of the fact that our K-Mart seems to have only old stock of some things when I luck up and score the 3-pack with Lex Luthor, Copperhead and Mirror Master. I already had the single pack versions of Lex (the lime-green flavor) and Copperhead but this pack gives me the […]

First of all, I just finished watching a movie that I’ve wanted to see for about 15 years now. From Shaw Studios comes the One-Armed Swordsman starring Jimmy Wang Yu and directed by legendary Chang Cheh. I’ll devote a whole post to this movie at one point, but I just want to say that everyone […]

This week’s haul is A LOT bigger than normal because a lot of it was bought a week earlier but arrived this week. It also made up for last week since I spent the weekend in the house trying to recover from a week of dramatic jackassery. Since I was too lazy to take any […]

First of all, it was Free Comic Book day today. Of course, I missed the comic that I wanted the most: A Bob Burden Gumby comic. GUMBY, DAMMIT!. Yeah, I know that was expected, but there was no other way to describe my pain. To sooth the soul-ache was the Slott/Jiminez Spider-Man comic. Aw, man. […]

I got a Bricklink order in the mail that included stuff to improve that building background I’m slowly working on, blue round open-ended bricks (and wait until you see what THAT’S for) and other random parts. From Toys ‘R Us, I got The Imperial Landing Craft set with a $5 off coupon. I didn’t even […]

Didn’t hit the comic shop last week, so I did so this one. 52 (weeks 42 and 42) – Damn, Sir Chomps-a-lot. Green Lantern – while I think everyone knew where that character was headed, I dug the issue. Pages 2 and 3 were a hoot, though. Anyone who thought that the series was going […]

What a horrible week for a curse. I’m not going to start whining about what a week it was, but I’ll just say that it wore me out and left me needing to catch up on some sleep. I haven’t done that yet, but I’ll get around to it. I bought more stuff this paycheck […]

Things that I got this week: Raw vs. Smackdown 2006 – That’s right, 2006. The old one. It was on sale at Wal-Mart for $10, so I stopped resisting. In a rare bit of good timing, I passed it up over a week ago when it was $19. It takes a bit of getting used […]