I turned 36 years old yesterday. I’m shocked and embarrassed by the well-wishing and insanely good presents I got this year. I try to stay low-key about my birthday for various reasons but other people decided to play dirty pool. One of my best friends got me a flat monitor that my eyes are still […]

OR ELSE. I’ll explain later.

Merry Christmas and happy other holidays from: Santa Gilius! Nice children get little bottles filled with destructive, playfield-clearing magic attacks. Wind, Fire, all that kind of thing. Naughty children get Level 2 lightning bolts in the face. That is, as the young’uns say, how he do.

These are some of the things that I’m thankful for: 1.) Time off from the day job so my aching legs could get some rest. 2.) Amazon.com for having a sale filled with magnificent awesomes so I could get two of the main DVD sets on my want list: Aquaman and Boondocks Season 2. 3.) […]

Amazon went sale-crazy (as usual) and here’s some stuff that I dug: The Adventures of Aquaman – The Complete Collection (DC Comics Classic Collection) for $14! A lot of the WB-owned Filmation and Hanna-Barbera cartoons are on sale for $14 including the original Space Ghost/Dino Boy show and Birdman and the Galaxy Trio. Some Filmation […]

Newsarama reports that talentedly ill artist LeSean Thomas has an artbook out now called Midnight Marauders. While I’m too broke to get it right now, it’s on my “I gotta get it, I got-got to get it” list. For one thing, I dig his art and design work (especially on the Boondocks animated series). On […]

I got the DC Super Heroes: the Filmation Adventures DVD set on August 15th of the year 2008. I haven’t seen some of these cartoons since I was a little young’un in the mid 1970’s. These cartoons are fun from pillar to post and I was surprised by a few things in the set. For […]

Damn, I’m tired. Ever since I got the NewOld Computer, a lot of my free time has gone towards trying to get it up to code or trying to cook up content for ScrollBoss’ 8th Anniversary update. Most of the work was behind-the-scenes stuff that nobody sees and couldn’t give two poots about. That’s why […]

… and some firecrackers: Okay, it’s the song Firecracker (with the Computer Games Intro) by Yellow Magic Orchestra. Much respect to Omanchin100 for uploading that video. So let’s end this post on a bright note. Harsh, but so was he. Happy Fourth of July, everybody!