Here’s another revitalized character design in the form of Mindsight. Mindsight here goes back to the early 90’s and is a member of my big ol’ group of superheroes that you’ll see soon. She has strong telekinesis powers, limited telepathy and other mental powers that she’s still in the process of developing. I started drawing […]

Whatever’s been screwing with my system lately must be on the ropes. Today, I was able to wake up at a decent time instead of waking up at a decent time then collapsing back to the bed to pass out for a few more hours. Unlike the past few weeks, I feel mostly awake. I’ll […]

I finally got this in the mail from today. For those who don’t know who the J.B.’s are, they’re James Brown’s band, which makes them much more than just a mere band. The J.B.’s are a funk force in their own right even when Mr. Please Please’s voice isn’t on the track. If you […]

It wasn’t until last year that I noticed just how perfect pizza and root beer go together. Well, I think I knew somewhere deep within my soul, but I wasn’t conscious of it. It’s just perfect. Yeah, I know, many people claim that beer and pizza are the perfect mix but that’s probably they’re sad, […]

As much as I’ve tried to avoid talking about it, I haven’t been feeling well for a bit. Seems mostly sinus-related among other things. Even after deciding to stay home this weekend to get some rest, I still feel kinda off. The lack of energy is what’s been killing my artwork, so I decided to […]

I could keep bashing my brains against the inside of my skull trying to come up with a replacement name for “Funky Friday” or I could just play around with names until I run into something that I like. For this week, it’s “Make the Music with your Mouth” day. Of course, it’s named after […]

I just installed Peter’s Custom Anti-Spam Image Plugin for WordPress Share on Facebook that will ask that you type in a word to prove that you’re not a spambot trying to sell some kind of genital salve. In the words of MC Lyte, I’m not havin’ it. Anyway, this plugin doesn’t use that annoying method […]

So I was checking out some pages that were linking to this blog and one of those link sites had a link to another blog that has a Funky Friday feature. A danged good one, too! Silence is a rhythm too See, that’s how feature would look if I were doing it right. Anyway, since […]

As I’ve said a few times on ths blog for the last week or so, everything I’ve tried to draw has turned out crappier than usual. What you see to the side here is the one that’s the least embarassing. It was based on a sketch from a doodle page that I dont’ think even […]