Early contender for my personal favorite joint of the year: The whole album is good but this was my favorite before I even knew it was a single. Not only does it have a Black Star reunion over a J.Dilla beat with “History” but there’s an appearance by Slick Rick, the Ruler.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present a piece of G.I.JOE fan artwork that I’ve wanted to do for a long time. Allow me to introduce you to the man, the myth, the legend: Big Lob. Most of you won’t know who this is so let me tell you about him. He debuts in G.I.JOE the Movie […]

I was just looking for a straight-up video of the song but somebody on the YouTubes followed the obvious idea with a good video:

Hit a thrift store with my friends last weekend. In the stacks of wax filled with lots of polka (remember: I’m in Ohio), soundtracks to 1960’s movies, Herb Alpert albums (temping) and Sesame Street records (also tempting), I found something that I never thought that I’d find in a million years: Roxanne Shante’s first single? […]

I posted a rant a few months ago about how a lot of lyric sites don’t seem to give a crap. It was inspired by trying to figure out a name from James Brown’s Santa Claus, Go Straight To The Ghetto. So there’s a part near the end of the song that I couldn’t figure […]

Figured I’d post something I drew since I barely seem to do that here anymore. It’s Linda, a very, very bad woman from the old arcade game, Double Dragon. I drew a picture of her in practically in the same pose a few years back but that didn’t turn out so well. Too cartoony. This […]

I’m horrible at remembering birthdays, but there are 3 that I never forget: my mother’s, my sister Elizabeth’s, and my grandmother Marva’s. Sadly, she passed away in late 2002. Instead of being sorrowful and depressed that she’s no longer here, I’m going to post YouTube links to three of the songs that she enjoyed. I’ve […]

While most people are blaming recording artists for the wall-to-wall foulness in current mainstream Hip-Hop and R&B, people who listen to more than just profit-seeking pundits know what the real deal is. The record labels and media outlets have the most control. You’d think that’d be obvious, but pundits look cooler if they take it […]

I apologize to the four people that still read this blog for taking over a week to post. Right now I can feel my sinuses headknocking me from the inside and it seems as if almost every other allergy-sufferer around here is catching hell. I have quite a few unfinished posts and unstarted post ideas […]

In the early days of this blog was a Funky Friday, a day where I’d post links to music videos that’d either have a theme or not have a theme. Then I called it ‘Make the Music with your Blog” because I found someone else was using Funky Friday. But back in the first post […]