February 15th, 2007

I did a Dreamhost Clicky McUpgradey with the WordPress blog, so it was looking a bit FUBARed for a bit. All seems to be as well as expected on a blog named Beans vs. Cornbread. If you can see this, it worked and my mention of this was pointless. If it didn’t work, then you probably can’t see this anyway which would make this just as pointless. Then again, who the hell is reading this thing anyway?

I’ll tell you who: spambots. When not eating old people’s medicine, they search the information superhighway for blogs to link to. Apparently, two found mine and one credited the post some other guy. If your so desparate for attention that you have to take credit for this crappy blog, you’ve officially hit an all-time low.

Sad news: YouTube.com had to take down a whopping 3 of the 4 videos from last week’s Funky Friday. You know, unless there are upcoming Kid ‘n Play and K-Solo DVD’s that I don’t know about or BET started showing a decent “Old-School” day while I’m still avoiding that channel, removing the videos is bass-ackwards. If it was from a request from the record companies, then they’re idiots. Having those videos on YouTube.com is pretty much free advertising on one of the most popular websites ever. It’s a shame to think that future generations may never know the glory that is the Funky Beat Puppet.

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