February 16th, 2007

10Khits_layout Haven’t really been feeling well for a couple of weeks, so almost everything that I’ve drawn looks like crap. Pics of Superman and Green Lantern flying? Crap. Picture of Kunoichi from the Punisher arcade game? That’s crap, too. And the one thing to turn out decent is something for a graphics generator that I can’t even show you yet. My head has cleared up a bit, so I finally threw together a layout idea for the 10K hit pic. Click that lil’ pic over there to see it. It pretty much features the following items:

Top: Doom cold chillin’ on a platform with a force shield, Starscream getting shot at by Space Ghost who is also shooting a wayward rocket.

Middle: the Juggernaut taking on an assault from Adam Hunter (with that Streets of Rage missile launcher that the back-up police officers used) and War Machine.

Bottom: Blue Beetle, Moon Knight, and Ken Masters all about to pounce on the Monarch who will look like he’s about to crap his butterfly costume.

There’ll be changes to it here and there, but that’s the basic gist of it. Don’t think of it as a 10K hits thank you graphic as much as a picture inspired by it. Really, you’re supposed to do those celebration pics about right after the event happens. This one? It’s gonna take a while.

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