February 23rd, 2007

I could keep bashing my brains against the inside of my skull trying to come up with a replacement name for “Funky Friday” or I could just play around with names until I run into something that I like. For this week, it’s “Make the Music with your Mouth” day. Of course, it’s named after the classic joint by the Diabolical One, Biz Markie. While I’ve never seen a video for it, the closest I’ve found on YouTube features the musical stylings of ‘Tommy D’ What makes it pure genius is that he does the throat noise that Biz is infamous for. I’ve annoyed people with that for years and it’s just nice to see it done somewhere else. Anyway, everything today will feature making the music. With your mouth. Remember, party people: support true Hip-Hop and buy a CD or MP3 download of any artist you like here.

J.J. Fad – Supersonic – Ah, back when female emcees didn’t have to be skankified to get video airplay. Anyway, this version has Baby-D’s beatboxing intro that wasn’t always shown or was cut off by the programming editors. If you haven’t heard this song before but you’re wondering why it sounds familiar, it’s probably because you’ve heard this. Now go back to the Supersonic YouTube link and listen to it again while reading the feedback for extra comedy flavor.

Doug E Fresh and the Get Fresh Crew – The Show Now that’s a classic. To this day, I still don’t know how Doug E Fresh can beat box like that. Doug E also has a memorable cameo in Beat Street. I’ll talk more about Doug E and Slick Rick in another music post, since a short part here isn’t enough.

the Fat Boys – Stick ‘Em – While Doug E Fresh was probably the earliest amazing beat-boxer, the late Buffy (R.I.P.) from the Fat Boys is probably inspired more 80’s kids to beat-box (including me) than ANYBODY. Period. For me, this is the song that did it. I think all it took was hearing it one time on FM 108 WDMT (a long defunct Cleveland station) before I started doing that. You can catch the Fat Boys in Krush Groove and their own movie Disorderlies.

Rahzel – All I know – You know, in a perfect world, Rahzel’s version of Biz’s “Make the Music” would be on YouTube somewhere. Most Rahzel searches turn up his various live performances, this video and a bunch of beatboxers that put Rahzel tags on their vids to get hits. Still, this video fully showcases how Rahzel, the Godfather of Noise, is a one-man Hip Hop production team. That’s right: there’s no scratching in that song. He’s the one doing that. I first heard him do that on a cut from the Roots’ second album and didn’t know it was vocally done.

It’s time for me to get ready for work, so I’ve got to close things out with a gem:
Biz Markie and Doug E Fresh… LIVE.
How can I top that? I can’t. So I’m out! BTW: I may modify this one later on to post some more links and such. Either way, I hope you enjoyed yourself and maybe… just maybe… made some mouth music of your own. Go ahead and try it. I won’t tell. **does the throat-tapping noise**

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