February 25th, 2007

It wasn’t until last year that I noticed just how perfect pizza and root beer go together. Well, I think I knew somewhere deep within my soul, but I wasn’t conscious of it. It’s just perfect. Yeah, I know, many people claim that beer and pizza are the perfect mix but that’s probably they’re sad, sad alky cases who say beer goes good with anything. Unlike those boozehounds that tell you that lie so that you’ll buy beer along with the pizza so they can get free beer from you, I care and want you to have the best things in life. I really do. Root Beer goes good with pizza because it’s just sweet and flavorful (?) enough to be tasted without overpowering the taste of the pizza. Fruit-based flavors? They’ll try to bogart your senses out of sheer insecurity. Pepsi? Close, but a bit too sweet. Coca-Cola ? Close, but a bit too obnoxious to peacefully co-exist with most foods. Cherry Coke? Definitely in the top 5. But for sheer tastebud pleasurificationizing, root beer is the Papa Large of pizza drinks. Try it out the next time you have the chance.

6 Responses to “Pizza vs. Root Beer”

  1. Damn, here in Spain the rot beer is not popular at all. heck, I think that I have never seen a bottle, not remotedly tasted it. and now I wanna try it because of this post….
    aaargh damn!

  2. Sorry about that, MICROmor! I never knew that root beer wasn’t popular everywhere. I bet that there’s a really good drink to go with pizza that can only be found in Spain. If you find it, tell me about it so I can be jealous!

  3. don’t worry, I just made up my mind, there must be a bottle of it in this rotten country, and I must find it…. must… find….

    yeah, in europe it’s not much popular, in fact, i think that it is popular only in north america and maybe england, bout outside that, nope. First time I heard about it was in the monkey island 1 game, and it was hard to figure out that a beer woul kill leChuck, we (as kids)used to think that root beer was something the game creators made up to come with some crappy ending or something

  4. Hah, I like that Monkey Island story. The name “Root Beer” does sound a bit strange. I hope you can find some one day!

    BTW: have you heard from 5k0rX lately?

  5. nope, last I knew from him he was working on a fanzine,and I think that he has gotten into the comic scene a lto lately, but we live in separate cities and losed contact over the time, so I don’t keep track. He used to have a blog too and we interchanged comments and entries for some time, but that too dissapeared like two years ago. I hope he es doing well, We were good pals, after all.

  6. […] It was a regular workday on the 12th so I have to celebrate tonight. I’m going to watch two films that I’ve never seen before: National Lampoon’s Movie Madness and the Shaw Brothers classic kung-fu film Come Drink With Me. Movie Madness may turn out to be bad, but the Shaw Bros. flick is said to be one of the best in the genre. I’ll probably get some video gaming in, too. There is only one meal worthy of such a night. That’s right: Pizza and Root Beer. […]