February 27th, 2007

Whatever’s been screwing with my system lately must be on the ropes. Today, I was able to wake up at a decent time instead of waking up at a decent time then collapsing back to the bed to pass out for a few more hours. Unlike the past few weeks, I feel mostly awake. I’ll find out when I try to draw something after posting this.

For some odd reason, I’ve been thinking a lot about the coolness of Bomberman lately. I was thinking that it’d be cool if there were a Bomberman where you could make your own characters, enemies, stages, etc. Then I remembered that much of that was in Interplay’s Atomic Bomberman. I had removed it from my PC when I needed more space to save stuff from the dying D-Drive long ago, so I’d have to reinstall it. Problem is: the install program won’t work. Tried all the fixes on the Interplay site and they don’t work. Now that I have the know-how to properly make custom stuff for it, I can’t install it. Insert long string of curse words here.

I am ONE, SINGLE achievement away from unlocking the ECW One Night Stand ’05 arena in Raw vs. Smackdown 2006. I still have to do that “reverse the casket door” thing during the “Buried Alive” match. Crap. I’ll probably get that out of the way this week. Once I do, I’ll have the perfect background for some of my video game-related custom characters and may finally get around to doing some YouTube CAW (Create-A-Wrestler) videos. Meanwhile, I’ve noticed that the current ECW show is starting to improve. Last week was a pretty good show and I hope they keep it rollin’ with more matches like that C.M. Punk vs. Johnny Nitro. Nitro is turning into one of those “bet you didn’t think I could do THIS” guys by pulling out surprisingly sick moves out of nowhere. I still won’t forgive them for denying us one last Danny Doring/Roadkill team-up. Well, I may reconsider if the ECW Zombie appears more, though.

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