March 3rd, 2007

Didn’t hit the comic shop last week, so I did so this one.

52 (weeks 42 and 42) – Damn, Sir Chomps-a-lot.

Green Lantern – while I think everyone knew where that character was headed, I dug the issue. Pages 2 and 3 were a hoot, though. Anyone who thought that the series was going to be Hal going back to business as usual was mistaken as quite a bit of each story features Hal having to deal with his mistakes. Hmmm, methinks that Geoff Johns cat is up to something sneaky. I’ll just “Wait and see” with that.

the Brave and the Bold #1 – I haven’t read it yet, but it’s written by Mark Waid and drawn by George Perez. Somehow, I think I’m going to like it.

Essential Ms. Marvel – I just finished Essential Godzilla and this came out just in time for me. I’m not digging much of the current Marvel stuff, but they’re still getting crazy money from me with Essentials.

Also, K-B Toy stores everywhere seem to be getting Marvel Legends Showdown figures in at crazy, low prices and even include the new figures. Picked up Reed vs. Mole Man, Colossus vs. Magneto and the surprisingly good Green Goblin. I was hoping that Hasbro would pick up this line and continue it with their insane knowledge of making good, small figures. Oh well. I’m just hoping to get who I want without having to resort to the internet. I’m not in the mood to get price gouged for this stuff.

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