March 7th, 2007

Yes, another link to a Davey D blog post. With all the stuff going on in the news now, the site’s become a daily visit for me instead of my old twice a week routine.
RIAA vs. Internet Radio

From getting things yanked from to killing Internet Radio, the major companies are really trying to make sure that the only things we get to see are the main things that they want to shove down our throats. I stopped listening to the stations that played new music back in the mid-90’s when everything started turning to garbage and it’s not getting any better.

There’ve been new rumblings of a live-action G.I.JOE movie again with Mark Wahlberg as Duke. With word that the earlier script included bits like Destro starting Cobra instead of Cobra Commander starting it, I expect to not care about the movie in the same way as I do almost every other live-action comic, toy or cartoon adaptation these days.

You know… there was this other comics-related story that I was supposed to remember, but I’ve completely forgotten about it. Man, I was just thinking about it then it completely slipped my mind. Oh well. If it were really important, I’m sure that I’d have remembered it.

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