April 1st, 2007

It’s finally done. Well, done enough. “Nutroll: the Illness” was a rush job because I decided that this was the year that I’d do something cool with Nutroll on April 1st. the bad part is that I decided it only two weeks before it was due. I still didn’t have a story that felt like a good starting point for him or would introduce him in a way that’d mess with minds of others. Then, it just hit me at my night job and I couldn’t stop thinking of it. It was an idea that kept making other ideas which bred more whacked-out ideas. Those ideas called three friends who later called three friends. There’s a ton of stuff that changed while drawing it and even more changed while lettering it. I’ll talk about that mess later. Honestly, I’m too tired to talk about it. So just go and be confused by it.

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2 Responses to “the Illness”

  1. It looks really nice if you ask me. The art is really nicely drawn too. Also noticed how there was alternate “video game violence” panels.

  2. I was wondering when someone was going to notice that. I originally planned to have more, but ran out of time. I may get sneaky and add more later, though. It’s barely noticable, but there’s another panel that has an alternate.