April 15th, 2007

That Nutroll: Chronic Incubation pic is now in the main site gallery, the Nutroll gallery and in Wallpaper form.

I took the S-File character profile thing from my ScrollBoss site, streamlined it for Illmosis, and kicked it off with new profiles for Nutroll and Dr. Sakimoto. More characters will get the new character profiles after I finish the Illness: Chaper 1. Speaking of the Illness, the teaser is now fixed to be what I wanted it to be on the debut. Check it out again to refresh your memory!

I have the next two pages and a half roughed/plotted out and these ought to be fun. I may just debut them in black and white so I can bring you as much as I can as soon as I can. It’s an action scene which really shouldn’t be broken up even though it’s unintentionally laid out so that it can be posted page by page. I have to sketch out a good map of the location tonight so the action stays consistant so I can get at least one page done for this upcoming weekend. Plant you now, dig you later!

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