April 22nd, 2007

There’s a lot of excuses reasons why there was no Nutroll comic this weekend. The main reason was a “situation” that started on Monday, rolled on into Tuesday and hit the fan Wednesday. It wasn’t just the fact that I had to stop working on the art to try and keep things from coming to a head (heh, I failed at that) but the stress headaches that came along with it. I tried anyway, but everything came out looking crappier than usual. Believe it or not, something similar was going when I was trying to paste together layouts for the ashcan comic that would’ve had that Nutroll 5-page preview. That may have been eight years ago, but I remember that it’s the same kind of headache.

Nutroll sketches from chapter 1 001Then there’s what happened in the national news. Page one ended with the newscaster mentioning that the following footage would be disturbing. That would’ve been Nutroll being chased by men in familiar looking uniforms. These men eventually shoot Nutroll. A lot. This was always the plan because then scene shows both Nutroll’s powers, durability and attitude. I have two and a half of those three pages laid out. I had to keep redoing the first few panels for storytelling purposes. As I was doing that, I had the news on as background noise and I started getting a sense of general unease. It finally hit me on Thursday that maybe I should push that page back a week and do something else for the site. Then I started thinking about the discarded idea I had for this chapter one with a PhoneCam (or whatever) picture someone took of Nutroll in a dance club and that expanded into something completely different. That idea reminded me of a bit that was going to come later with the origin of Nutroll’s name. I figured that this would make for a better lead-in to the other stuff and bumped that in front. So now it’s going to be a news feature that talks about how various odd news stories (in the comic universe, of course) may be related to the weird video that aired on April 1st.

If there’s only bright spot in all of this, it’s that the story will probably be much better. I’m still very, very, very sorry that I didn’t have anything new for this week besides the update to Dr. Sakimoto’s profile and other small site fixes. Considering the news that I just heard in the middle of typing this post, I’m not sure how things are going to go this week. With what’s going on these days, we all need a good laugh.

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