April 29th, 2007

So this is the last weekend update for Nutroll Month 2007. While I didn’t accomplish as much as I wanted to finish, I was more productive this month than I’ve been for all the other months of this year combined. The main point was having a goal to concentrate on while shaking off more of the cobwebs.

Dr. SakimotoAs I did on my board, I’m posting to larger versions of the character profile pictures. I really like how the face on Dr. Tamara Sakimoto turned out. She looks intelligent, kind and nothing like a superhuman in street clothes. Here’s the Mystery woman from the teaser page. I had to save this one from massive eraser burn and other things that messed up some linework. If it weren’t for that, I’d probably have 3 full color pics this week. That third full color pic probably would’ve been this one of ICI Director Richard Hauser. The suit needs some fixes, the face didn’t come out as I intended, but it’s good enough. Then again, the picture could’ve also been this one ofthis character who will probably appear on page three depending on whether or not I hear back from someone else on how the character looks. If I don’t hear back in time, I’ll roll with another character from the same location. She’s there to help flesh out a scene that reveals how much Nutroll loves the night life and got to boogie.

Nutroll Chapter 1 page 2 clip - man on streetNutroll month is just about over, but there’ll still be much more stuff with him coming in May. Believe it or not, that pic over there is from page 2. Right now, Chapter One looks like it’ll be about 9 pages and will (probably) end by almost explaining two of the most confusing panels of the Teaser page. I kept thinking that I’d made it too obvious, but no one has told me that they figured out where the mystery woman in blue is. Oh, well. The end of Chapter One should clean a bit of that all up.

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