May 7th, 2007

In this first official random brain dump post, all entries have been sorted according to their riboflavin conent, polygon count and Pokédex Number.

1.) Sucker-Free Sunday: Doing a promo with a guy that’s yelling “We ARE Hip-Hop!” at the top of his lungs in a thuggish voice while video clips of blinging grills, rumpshakers and cars with spinning rims is bass-ackwards and embarassing. Wait, I forgot that Mainstream Hip-Hop doesn’t have shame. Your main audience, people who are looking to be programmed with coolness updates, don’t give a damn about the term Hip-Hop. Can we get the Afrikaa Bam’s Zulu Nation to trademark Hip-Hop like the monks did with the term Shaolin so it won’t get dragged through the mud any further?

2.) DC Comics’ Multiverse: If there’s one thing that I find confusing about the Multiverse, it’s that I was able to understand it when I was child but now there are grown folks that are already confused about the new one that hasn’t even been fully seen yet. If you’ve ever seen any piece of fiction with an alternate reality, you already know the rules. I’ve noticed more Multiverse defenders coming out on the comic boards, so I hope that’s a good sign.

3.) DVDs: You don’t really appreciate the term “menus” being considered a special feature until you get an DVD that doesn’t have them. I found a used D.C. Cab DVD that turned out to have no menus. At all. You put it in and the movie just starts and loops back to the beginning when it’s done. Universal should be ashamed of not even having a menu for a 2004 DVD. Even those $1 Digiview DVDs manage to throw together some animated menus. Hell, even bootleggers take the time to make menus.

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