July 2nd, 2007

Brown Building - 2007-07-02My BrickLink order from Sk8rs Bricks came in today much earlier than I thought. That envelope was filled with pieces I needed to get that Lego building backdrop up to a presentable state. The whole point of building it was to be a backdrop for minifigures but schemes of how to improve it became more important than the custom minifigs.
Brown Building - 2007-07-02 - CatwomanI don’t have the high pockets or spare room of those cats you see making even the medium-sized set-ups, that backdrop is only three bricks thick. Yeah, those buildings on floor two are only for show right now. On the plus side, these modified plates that I used allow figures to easily stand on the building ledges. Thanks to Lego’s decision not to use that kind of window much, I’m still undecided on adding a 3rd level to it.

I don’t know what it was, but something about working with Lego seems to help the creative gears in my head turn. I think it’s one of the things that helped get me through that artist’s block crap I couldn’t shake for so long. I may have lost the ability to act stuff out with toys, but building with them still blows cobwebs off of brain cells that I use to draw. On a side note… I really need a better camera. Dang, those photos look kinda chunky.

4 Responses to “The Brown Building”

  1. Is that the actual Catwoman lego? That’s awesome. I remember planning the set with Nightwing. Wonder if they still those Batman sets…

  2. Argh..curse my reckless typing

    I remeber planning on getting the set with Nightwing.***

  3. Yes, that’s the real Catwoman Lego minifig. What’s even more cool is that her head has the goggles version that works with the mask and a non-goggles version of her face on the other side of her head. You can get some black hair and show the non-goggles face for an unmasked Selina Kyle.

    It’s sold out on the Lego.com site and it’s gone missing from stores, but you can get it on Amazon.com:
    The Batman Dragster: Catwoman Pursuit

  4. That’s pretty cool and I’ve actually liked the newer Catwoman look too.

    I wish I would have gotten my hands on some of these sets before. That’s not a bad deal for that set too and the set with Nightwing (Arkhan Asylum) is a lot cheaper than I thought it would be. I might have to buy that when I get paid sometime. Thanks for the link BTW.