August 2nd, 2007

From the 1-UP Interview with Capcom’s Keiji Inafune

1UP: But is there any chance of an actual Shadow sequel?

KI: Maybe if we made something like the 300 movie. I’m just joking around, but that’s what we were thinking, some over-the-top violence.

1UP: So, basically Shadow of Rome minus the stealth elements.

KI: Yeah, hypothetically-speaking — we’re not planning this — but if we were going to make Shadow of Rome 2, we’d get rid of all the stealth elements and give all the violence you hurried through the stealth parts to get to. [Laughs]

At least there’s one designer that knows what we’re thinking. We need to print that up and send it to the rest of the game-making community. I’m not saying that no one likes stealth games, but most people that I talk to seem to hate it when developers shove a stealth scene into a non-stealth game. Boo that crap.

OH SNAP! CAMOUFLAGED OUTPOST! review of Camouflaged Outpost Lego set

When I was a kid, this was one of my most favorite sets. In one small set you got a mini-headquarters and an instant crew of Forestmen Lego figures. These days, you’d NEVER get such a small playset with so many minifigures. No, little green booger martians that can only bend at the waist don’t count as figures. If my old Lego collection hadn’t been wiped out, I’d look for the instructions online and rebuild it. As it is now, it’d be probably be a pain in the wallet trying to get all that stuff again on BrickLink and recreate it. The small black feather on the one minifig alone costs more than some sets now. Ouch. I’ll probably try to make my own version of that some day. Yeah, I know how sad that sounds.

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