August 26th, 2007

Justice League (Mattel) Darkseid
The Batman/Superman/Justice League DC Animated Universe is one of my favorite storylines ever, period, at all, fo’rilla. I love many of the designs and depictions there (the Question, Mr. Freeze, Toyman, the Question, The Joker, and more including the Question) even better than the real DC Comics. What I still haven’t found room enough in my heart to love are the figures. I’ve been planning to dedicate a post to this, so I’ll pocket that rant for now. But I finally went ahead and bought this Darkseid that I’d seen in a Big Lots many times. I kept passing it up because I thought some parts of the armor were permenantly stuck on. I buckled and bought it since I knew I’d regret it if I ever did start digging the JLU figures. He’ll stay trapped in the package until I make a final decision on whether I can get into this toy line or not.

Marvel Legends Showdown - Invisible Women

When it was announced that Toy Biz would be making 3 3/4 inch figures of Marvel Characters (in other words, G.I.JOE/Star Wars sized), my lid was officially flipped. It’s too bad that various factors caused the line to sell so poorly that the final waves only saw a limited release. Of course, you can buy them online at gooftardedly high prices. OR you can be lucky and find some at Big Lots for $3.00 a pop. In your face, toy aftermarket, and kiss my shiny, metal ass on the way out. I’m just hoping I can do the same with the other figures that I want which is pretty much everybody except Elektra.

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