September 10th, 2007

I apologize to the four people that still read this blog for taking over a week to post. Right now I can feel my sinuses headknocking me from the inside and it seems as if almost every other allergy-sufferer around here is catching hell. I have quite a few unfinished posts and unstarted post ideas that I’ll act upon once I feel better. For now, here’s some random stuff that’d I’d ramble about if I had the energy.

X-Men fans: Sigh… when are the X-Men going to be the center of the Marvel Universe again?
Marvel: Okay.
X-Men fans: Not like that. NOT LIKE THAT!

Davey-D postings:

Stop White on White Violence at Award Shows
Tommy Lee vs. Kid Rock. Like one of the commenters said there, I’m waiting for someone to mention how Kid Rock’s connection to Hip-Hop helped bring along the violence.

Johnny Rotten Judges Pop Stars and Politicians
I’m just posting a link to it since I’d just cosign the whole damn thing.

It’s nice to see 2-D games coming back into style even if it’s on systems that I don’t own. I’m even more glad to see that some classic titles are being revived as a result. For those who haven’t heard about Contra 4, it’s strictly 2-D and seems to ignore all 3-D Contra lore (and it’s boo-worthy plot twist). On top of that, the Legend of Kage is making a comeback on the DS that will hopefully make enough money for the hero to buy a shirt. Of course, the original was more of a good idea and bad-ass name than a good game. I hope Taito will fix that, though.

and while I’m linking to DS Fanboy is the best subject line/slightly related photo combo I’ve seen in a while. Shame on yuh you if you don’t agree.

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