October 23rd, 2007

Wendy Milan 2007 - inkedIn In the last unexciting episode of Truetorial with the spunky Wendy Milan being fully inked. I scanned the pic in pure Black and White mode at 600 dpi. How big is that? 2492 by 6263 pixels. To look at that at full size, it’s probably twice as wide and six times as tall as your monitor.

Wendy Milan - line cleaning
No, I don’t have one of those fancy-pants programs that automatically cleans line work into vectors. Lots of smooth tool and redrawn lines with 2 spoons of ‘Despeckle’ and ‘Gaussian Blur”+”Sharpen” on the side. My computer isn’t powerful enough to color it at this size and would crap it’s soul if I even thought about it so I shrink it down to 836 by 2100 pixels. Still unsure about a few things so I posted a preview of it on the Prime Central Station board. Z_Sabre_User pointed out that the leading leg looked a bit oddly shaped. I think the way that the tall kneepad covers up where her knee is gave her leg that sausage look. So I went back to the original and added a slight curve to it and fixed a few other things I didn’t like. Glad I didn’t fully clean the lines at first because it’d have sucked to re-clean that mess twice.

Wendy Milan - colorWith crisp lines in effect I add a transparent Multiply Layer with base colors that are partially taken from the sprite’s lightest colors. All the shading is done on more Multiply layers. The shiny lighting was made with transparent Normal layers just to lighten it up a bit and Dodge layers which adds that funky, fully-saturated look that enhances the shininess. Once it was fully colored in, I posted it on the Prime Central Station board and sweated Bullet Bills until a few kind people told me that it wasn’t completely fugly.

That’s the end of this truetorial which shows just about everything I do when I do what I do, especially the mistakes. It’s not that I think I’m great or even good, but I think it’s a fun way to show the missteps made on the way to finished artwork. As for why I drew Wendy, you’ll have to wait a while on that.

3 Responses to “Truetorial: Video game characters pt. 2”

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  2. Anychance of merging the pages?

  3. I’d thought about it, but didn’t think that anyone would care. Since you asked, I started working on one by merging, trimming and fixing it up. It should be posted some time this week.

    Besides, it’s hard to turn down a request when someone also makes a Sabu reference. I need to try drawing Sabu one of these days, too.