December 28th, 2007

I’m horrible at remembering birthdays, but there are 3 that I never forget: my mother’s, my sister Elizabeth’s, and my grandmother Marva’s. Sadly, she passed away in late 2002. Instead of being sorrowful and depressed that she’s no longer here, I’m going to post YouTube links to three of the songs that she enjoyed. I’ve done this before and I may have linked to the same song last time, but these are there are some fun memories tied into these:

the Gap Band – Party Train
Whenever there was a family trip in her car and the radio failed to play anything good, she’d pop in her Gap Band tape and everything was right again. I liked seeing the fun video in the brief time that we had BET in our area before it replaced by a second country music channel. Long after her tape snapped she got the same Greatest Hits CD that I had and played the songs all over again.

Maze ft. Frankie Beverly – Golden Time of Day
Another Greatest Hits CD I had then was from Maze and I eventually found out that me and Grandma thought this was their best song. Most people like “Joy and Pain” and the usual hits, but this one starts with strong funk and flows right into some beautifully moving soul music. The YouTube link isn’t a music video but the song and the album cover are good enough in my opinion.

Looney Tunes – Three Little Bops
As a kid, I’d watch cartoons from either the couch but I’d flop on the floor a few feet from the TV if something good came on. This was an instant floor-flop cartoon not just because it was good but because Grandma and Great-Grandma Nee would want the volume turned up. Everybody loved that cartoon just as much.

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