January 29th, 2008

IGN has a news story about Marvel and EA ending their relationship of making fighting games together. It didn’t matter if Marvel Nemesis was in 3-D or even if they managed to break space-time and make the game 4-D, most people weren’t interested in a so-called Marvel fighting game where Captain America and Dr. Doom were kicked to the curb in favor of new characters. Cap and Doom were in one of the handheld versions, but when does that ever count? I would’ve bought it if it had been a real Marvel vs. EA game where Spidey, the Hulk and Iron Man could fight John Madden, James Pond and Bionic Lester.

My main hope is that Marvel and Capcom resume their old partnership in creating epic and insane fighting games or, at least, re-issue Marvel vs. Capcom 2 for PS2 so I don’t have to pay scalperlicious prices for it. Part of the whole hook of the Capcom/Marvel games was that Marvel has some of the greatest characters in all of fiction and Capcom created some of the greatest and most significant fighting games ever. Arcade Renaissance remembered two interview quotes that may bring some hope to those of us who are still waiting for Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Say what you want about the direction of some of their comics, Marvel’s been making a lot of great licensing moves and I think even they may know just how much people want to see Spider-Man and Mega Man fighting side-by-side once again.

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