February 19th, 2008

Not that I even bothered to post right before the moving took place, but the move is all over. The night that the plumbing next door decided to freeze-plode was also when Mother Nature decided that snow should be shat upon the ground. The weather forecast for the entire week of the move went like this:

10 Snow
20 Warm-up just long enough to melt snow
30 Freezing rain on slushy snow
40 Freeze it all to solid ice
50 GOTO 10

That cycle happened three times during that week and it make everything much more of a hellride. Even now, I’m mostly tired from having to constantly speed-dig vehicles free from snow, slush or ice. To pour sulfuric acid into the wound, the weather started to clear up on the last day of the move and the last of the snow melted less than an hour after the last box was brought in.

Enough of that cryin’. Once I get settled in, it’s back to business as usual: failing to meet expectations everywhere I go. Later!

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