March 1st, 2008

So this Friday night I channel-surfed smack dab into AMC’s Fear Friday. I decided to watch the flick because it had the late, great Calvin Lockhart, the original Biggie Smalls from Let’s Do It Again and the cool elder Rasta in Predator 2. This flick turns out to be The Beast Must Die which also has Peter Cushing in it and there’s no way I could stop watching a flick with those two in it. Lockhart’s character invites a bunch of people to his mansion and then tells the group that he knows that one of the guests is… a werewolf! But who? Who? WHO? I didn’t know at first because it’s just that kind of movie. That’s okay. You see, there’s a designated time and place before the film’s climax to think about it. For those who have never seen it before, allow me to introduce you to…

… the werewolf break.

The werewolf break is a special time in one’s life to reflect upon any and all lycanthropic shenanigans happening around you. Excluding the spooky narration, it lasts no more than 30 seconds, no less than 30 seconds and clocks in at around 30 seconds. It may seem cruel, heartless and unfair, but in this man’s world, you only get half a minute to think about werewolves.

BTW: “lycanthropic” is probably not a word. Move along.

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