July 4th, 2008

ScrollBoss font WIP 1 That USB Hard Drive enclosure that I ordered last week still isn’t here so I can’t finish some of the ScrollBoss’ 8th Anniversary projects. Instead of whining about it, I’ve burnt that anger by working on the long-overdue vector ScrollBoss letter set. Since I couldn’t find the backup CD with the old vector logo on it, I started over with the vector logo of a ScrollBoss section that I’m saving as a surprise. Right now, I have A-J, L-P, R-W and 6. I don’t know how to turn it into an actual font to use in a program, but it’ll be very handy for future projects.

People around here were, as the young’uns would say, getting their fool on before the holiday even started. Lots of vehicles almost hit other vehicles or people. There was a lot of loud yelling from one street over followed by the appropriate amount of police sirens to answer said hollerin’. If that was just the demo, I can’t wait to see the full release version of all-out dumbassery. By “see” I mean that I’m staying in the crib. Hell, it was barely June when kids (or kid-like grown folks) were dropping smoke bombs at cars from the overpass that’s a few blocks from here.

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