August 19th, 2008

I got the DC Super Heroes: the Filmation Adventures DVD set on August 15th of the year 2008. I haven’t seen some of these cartoons since I was a little young’un in the mid 1970’s. These cartoons are fun from pillar to post and I was surprised by a few things in the set. For one, a very famous DC Comics hero just blatantly kills somebody and says what amounts to, “Well, so much for that. Let’s bounce.” The best part is that I have friends who aren’t uppity about comics and cartoons so we could just watch some of the segments for the craziness that they are instead of stroking our goatees and claiming every 3 minutes that we’re watching them “ironically” (also known as goat-stroking) or some such crap. Besides, I’m the only one with a goatee and one of the people there was female. BUT STILL. This will replace the ones I taped from that DC mish-mash show that aired USA Cartoon Express and Cartoon Network years ago. I have an unfinished post all about this set and I’ll try to have it finished soon.

From Game With A Brain:
25 reasons gamers annoy non-gamers

As a sad, sad shell of a man that has spent the last 8 years working on a old-school gaming site and draws fan art of characters that really just look like a mess of pixels, I still agree with most of those. Number 8 is just a truth that most people don’t want to accept.

I keep talking about secret projects that I do on the side if all the random stuff that I do regularly. One project isn’t as much a project as it is a skill that I want to develop. I’m getting better at it and I’ll have something to show off in a few weeks. For now, here’s the only so-called clue you get:

Not that anybody will really try to guess, but I have nothing better to do. No, I didn’t notice how creepy that looks until I posted a larger version of it.

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